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Holland Container has developed the so called 4Fold, a container that can be folded. At the Intermodal Asia the new container solution was shown.

Holland Container announced that it had won new customers there like Sinotrans, Transworld Group, Samudera Indonesia, MCS and Tirtas that have started using the 4Fold container. The company added that ZIM and Emirates Shipping would operate 4Fold as well.

According to the company 4Fold can be folded when empty. Four folded containers can be bundled and have the same dimensions as a standard container. That means that transportation, handling and storage costs could be divided by four. Furthermore,  emissions  can be saved with a bundle of four containers the manufacturer stated. In addition it would be cheaper to transport the container back by sea, due to the higher transportation costs on the railways.

Different rail operators from Russia, China and Europe are interested in operating 4Fold containers as well Holland Container informs.