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SMM: Hanseaticsoft with Inspection Report

The software expert presents cloud based strategies to record all observations simply and easily on-board via tablet or smartphone


To record all observations directly on board with tablet or smartphone, Hanseaticsoft has developed its latest software Inspection Report. The software expert specializes in cloud based software applications tailored to the special demands of shipowners and operators. Whether implementation or follow-up, the auditing of ships is a very complicated process. The provision of handwritten endorsements and the evaluation and adding of photos to create a final report is very cumbersome.

The software Inspection Report will only need a fraction of the time previously required. Everything needed for the implementation of audits on ships is already to be found in a tablet or smartphone. While the audit is performed, users may add photos to their report, insert videos, comments, or voice memos. Important areas on the photos may easily be edited with the specific edit function.

With only one klick users may synchronize Inspection Report and cloud and share the results with other employees in a comprehensive, easy to understand manner without delay. After that the next audit may be started while co-workers are already involved in analysing the results. Such real time audits and standardized surveys provided by Inspection Report to the companys help implement high quality results on a pecise and evaluable basis. The software thus helps to assess fleet status and performance as well as the efficiency of the staff aboard. This report also saves paper as it is designed to be finalized on tablets or smartphones.