Next approval for Talusia Optima

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Maritime supplier Total Lubmarine announced that it received a No Objection Letter from MAN Diesel & Turbo for the use of its cylinder lube oil, Talusia Optima, 100 BN in the engine manufacturer’s two-stroke engine designs.

The move follows the completion of a successful 8,700 hour sea-trial and means that Talusia Optima is now approved by the three major 2-stroke engine manufacturers Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD), Japan Engine Corporation (JEC) and MAN Diesel & Turbo.

The product has been designed specifically to facilitate fuel switching when transiting both in and out of Emission Control Areas (ECAs), without the need to change lubricants and for use alongside all distillate fuels with a sulphur content of between 0 – 3.5%.

According to Total, the sea-trials were completed on-board a modern 14,000 TEU containership powered by the latest generation fuel-efficient 2-stroke 11S90ME-C mark 10.2 B&W engine, while sailing in and out of ECAs in Europe and Asia. The vessel sailed for more than 600 hours in ECAs powered by distillate fuels with a sulphur content of 0.1% and below.

Talusia Optima is based on an »innovative and new type of chemistry« known as Ashfree Neutralizing Molecules (ANM). Total says, the new technology provides effective acid neutralization, cylinder cleanliness and has the potential to reduce feed rates.

Total Lubmarine’s Technical Director Jean-Philippe Roman said: »This was our longest ever trial of a new lube and provides both customers and OEMs with the reassurance that Talusia Optima can be safely used on-board vessels trading for lengthy periods in and out of ECAs. The sea-trial and comprehensive validation tests were carried out using a combination of our already approved cylinder oils, Talusia LS 25 and Talusia Universal 100. This allowed for the inspection teams to compare and contrast the performance of the new Talusia Optima product.«