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The new medical vessel »Forth hope«, operated by Vine Trust, was restored with coatings from AkzoNobel.

The »Forth Hope« was transformed into a medical ship with the support of various medical and marine organizations, including AkzoNobel. Assembled in Scotland, the ship recently began a 6,600 mile transatlantic voyage to Peru. According to AkzoNobel thanks to it’s coatings, the vessel will use less fuel and produce fewer emissions as it travels. »Forth Hope« will add to the sustainable program that Vine Trust has built in Peru. The Edinburgh-based international development charity enables volunteers to provide medical, home-building and care support to communities living in severe poverty in Tanzania and Peru, and has been providing healthcare in the Amazon since 2001.

AkzoNobel’s involvement in the project highlights the work the company is doing as part of its global Human Cities initiative. Focused on improving, energizing and regenerating communities across the world, the program is one of many ways the company strives to make people’s lives more liveable and inspiring.

More than 2 mill. medical consultations

It is expected, that the vessel will deliver more than 2 mill. medical consultations over the next 20 years to isolated communities on the Peruvian Amazon. Outfitted with dental facilities, an operating theater, consultation rooms and a pharmacy, the ship will enable international medical and dental volunteers, alongside a team of local clinicians, to transform the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people.