ExxonMobil has launched Mobil ServSM Lubricant Analysis, the next generation of marine used oil analysis. The mobile-enabled used oil analysis service monitors oil condition and assesses equipment health.

ExxonMobil ServSM Lubricant Analysis can help prolong engine and equipment life by assessing oil condition and helping operators identify issues before they happen. As part of the Mobil ServSM offering, Mobil ServSM Lubricant Analysis can provide data and reporting on key equipment such as the stern tube, main engine bearings, generators and other auxiliary equipment.

This can enable a ship owner to avoid opening up equipment for unnecessary inspection when the oil analysis report indicates no serious alerts within the operating period. This delivers additional cost avoidance on top of the prolonged engine and equipment life that can be achieved.

Scan-and-go technology eliminates Paperwork

To eliminate labels and paperwork the new service features scan-and-go technology. Operators simply scan the QR code (barcode) of the sample point and bottle, enter the sample information and submit the sample. Operators will then receive an informative report on the condition of equipment and lubricants with tailored advice to help inform maintenance schedules and understand data trends. The service offers mobile access enabling operators to view data and results wherever needed.

»Mobil Serv Lubricant Analysis can help enhance equipment reliability and reduce unscheduled downtime, helping to generate cost savings, which are crucial in today’s economic climate«, said Iain White, Global Marketing Manager, ExxonMobil Marine. »With these benefits, this new service will provide a step change in marine oil analysis and help customers optimise performance and drive efficiencies.«

This new service replaces ExxonMobil’s used oil analysis program, Signum.